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restaurants, coffee shops, breakfast, lunch, dinner in Vietnam
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Enjoy the most famous of Hue food in Saigon
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Phở Bò (Beef Noodle Soup)

Ingredients for the broth (approximate):
-2lb beef bones
-1 large onion
-1 piece of ginger about thumb size
-2 star anise
-3 cloves
-1 stick of cinnamon about 3 inches long
-1 cardamom
-2lbs beef brisket (optional)
-salt, rock sugar

**Boil bones and beef brisket for about five mins and wash before using it to make broth (this is the most important part of making pho!). Put bones and beef brisket in a large pot and add enough water to cover, boil to make broth along with anise, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom. Roast onion and ginger and add to broth. Add salt and sugar to taste. If you're using beef brisket then remove the meat when tender (test by stabbing it with a chop stick, if the chop stick goes trough then it's good to go).

Meat Choices:
There are many type of meats to decide on that goes into you pho.
-Gầu or nạm or chín = beef brisket, boil it in broth until tender, remove cool, and slice and add to noodles
-taí = steak, slice thinly, added to the noodles raw right before pouring on the hot broth; which will then “cook” the steak
-gân = beef tendons, also boiled in broth until tender, sliced, and added to noodles
-Lá Sách = beef tripe, boiled speretly, sliced and added to noodles
-Bò Viên = beef meat balls (buy them premade)

For the noodles:
- bánh phở (pho noodles)
-1 onion
-1 bunch green onions and cilantro
-black peper

Serve With:
-Bean sprouts
- basil (lá quế), saw tooth herb (ngò gai)
-jalapeno pepers, thinly sliced
-lime wedges
- fish sauce , hoisin sauce , pepper sauce

To "Make" the Pho:
Boil noodles, rinse, drain and add to bowl, add meats (you choice), and ladle on the how broth. Sprinkle some chopped green onions, cilantro, sliced onion, and ground black pepper. Serve with bean sprouts, basil, saw tooth herb, jalapeno slices, lime juice, etc...


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